Steve Stauffer

Steve Stauffer

The Young and The Old Cut and Raked
Pathway to Zion
The Wash
The Road Home

Imagine the most spectacular sunrise you have ever witnessed. Or, the softest light that kisses the tops of the trees as a new day begins. Remember how overwhelmed you felt and that feeling of ah as it overtakes you and leaves you speechless.

That is the feeling I receive when I immerse myself into a landscape. Attempting to find that special something or place that not only will I find, but might be allowed to capture on canvas and share with others as they walk along with me on my journey.

I can never consider this work complete, as the love and passion I have to paint this magnificent world we live in drives me each and every day. To be given a gift and allowed to find that small incredible something that makes me sit back and say, “There can’t be a better way to celebrate our Creators Vision”! This is what drives me and blesses my life each day!

Hope you join me on the journey, we’re going to have a fantastic time!

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